Worship at Truro (with Tresillian)
Time was when you could go into almost any Methodist Church and you would be pretty confident about the style and content of the worship you would find there. That is no longer the case – and our worship menu and experience is richer because of it.
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9:22  (Truro)

On Sunday the doors open at 8.45am when you are invited to help yourself to a simple breakfast before joining in the band-led worship which starts at a very precise (and deliberate) 9: 22am! Our worship is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and seeks to create times of celebration and reflection within the encounter. 9: 22 provides the opportunity for all-ages to worship together (but is NOT all-age worship), with everyone sharing together in the whole experience, separating only for the themed teaching each week. There is room for prayer ministry and – if God speaks to you – we would love to be blessed by that word too.
This service finishes at around 10.30am
(Boring but practical: if you are bringing a car and ONLY intend to stay for 9: 22 please park on the Forecourt or the multistory side of our car park. This will reduce the likelihood of you becoming blocked in!)

11.00am – Sunday Praise (Truro)

Our traditional service begins at 11.00am start. You could arrive at 10.30am and share a coffee and fellowship with those who have attended the early service or you could choose to go straight into the Sanctuary where the sense of worship will continue between the two services.
Our 11.00am worship is accompanied by the organ and is supported by our excellent Choir. This will be the main ‘preaching service’of the day and will often expand upon the theme introduced at 9: 22. Although the main focus of children’s ministry is the early service, there will be provision for young people during the 11.00am worship service for those parents who prefer the more traditional style of worship. ‘Tiny Steps’ for pre-school children will be run at both services.
This service will conclude around 12.15pm
(boring by practical: please park on the Revolution cafe side of the car park and avoid blocking in any cars parked on the other side. Thank you)

11.00am – Village Worship (Tresillian)

We would very much like to encourage you to make the short trip outside of Truro to share with the folk at Tresillian. This is a beautiful, comfortable and warm chapel that has has a considerable ‘face-lift’ in recent years and the fellowship here is warm and welcoming. Worship takes place at 11.00am most Sundays (not the 5th Sunday of the month) and is usually traditional in style. The 1st Sunday each month is Cafe Church – and informal act of worship for everyone with refreshments provided. There is a Sunday club for children each week (except during Cafe Church)

Sunday 6.15pm Truro (Truro)

Evening Praise offers a quieter opportunity to share in largely traditional-style worship. Often hymn-based, with worship supported by the Choir who will bring an Introit and Anthem. A preacher (Lay or Ordained) will preach a sermon and lead the congregation in prayer.

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is an important part of the worship and discipleship life here at Truro Tresillian.
We celebrate communion together at Truro  bright and early on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month (8.15am start) with a service lasting around 30 minutes (followed by breakfast). Our 11.00am service will include Holy Communion on the 1st Sunday of each month, and our 6.15pm service, on the 3rd Sunday. There are also services of Holy communion at 9: 22 and at Tresillian as announced. From January 2016 we ave alsointroduced a lunch-time Communion Service on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 12.15pm