SUNDAY @ 9.22 am – 9:22 Time to meet with God

Our doors open at 8.45 am when you are invited to help yourself to a simple breakfast before joining in the bandled worship which starts at the very precise (and deliberate) 9.22 am! Our worship is sensitive to the Holy Spirit and seeks to create times of celebration and reflection within the encounter. 9:22 provides the opportunity for all-ages to worship together (but is NOT all-age worship), with everyone sharing together in the whole experience, separating only for the themed teaching each week. There is room for prayer ministry and – if God speaks to you – we would love to be blessed by that word, too. This service finishes at around 10.30 am, and often the Revolution Café is also open for coffee, fellowship and prayer ministry at that time.

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SUNDAY @ 11.00 am – Sunday Praise Music and Ministry from a Methodist Tradition A traditional blend of hymns and music provides the framework for Sunday Praise.

Our greatly valued and highly regarded organist and musical director, Philip Davey, ensures that congregational hymn-singing and anthems by the Church Choir are the best that we can offer to God. Preaching is usually expository, and, under the preaching ministry of Revd Mark Dunn-Wilson, sermons aim to unpack the Scriptures and apply their meaning to contemporary situations and lives.

The sermon will often expand upon the theme introduced at 9:22. The second Sunday of each month is a family service, often attended by members of the Uniformed Organisations. Holy Communion forms an integral part of this service on the 1st Sunday of each month. Sunday Praise will usually conclude at around 12.10 pm, although often a little later when there is Communion.

At the moment online on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK, see the links on the home page.

COMMUNION AT TRURO METHODIST CHURCH It is our practice to welcome people to the Lord’s Table in response to his invitation. It is not necessary to: • be a member of the Methodist Church; • be over a minimum age; or • have passed a whole series of tests...

ALL ARE WELCOME! If you truly want to be at His Table, the Lord delights to meet you there. Many people find themselves brought really close to the Lord in these moments and, for some, it has been as they have knelt to receive bread and wine that they have made their commitment to God through Jesus Christ for the very first time. We do not ask that you have all the answers or every box ticked on the discipleship journey: we simply ask that you come to the Lord’s Table with an attitude of respect for God and for other worshippers, to be at peace with others (as far as it is within your powers), and to be ready to remember and thank God for all that He has done for us in Jesus Christ. We pray that, together, we will encounter the Lord in a real and transforming way.

The Practical Bits... · In our Church we ALWAYS use non-alcoholic wine, in order to create a safer space for ALL to receive Holy Communion. · If you would prefer to receive a gluten-free wafer (rather than bread), then come to the Table with your hands face down. If you would prefer not to receive bread and wine, then come to the Table with your hands by your sides. We would be thrilled to pray God’s blessing over you.

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