Where? What? When?

Sunday 16th September
9:22 worship led by Mark Dunn-Wilson
11.00am Sunday Praise led by Mark Dunn-Wilson
6.15pm Holy Communion led by Mark Dunn-Wilson
Monday 17th September
Funeral Service 11.00 am Sanctuary
Circuit Lunch Club 12.00 pm Wesley Hall/Parlour
Foodbank 3.00 pm Revolution Café
Slimming World 4.00 pm Wesley Hall
10th Rainbows 5.00 pm Trevail Room
8th Guides 7.00 pm Trevail Room
Lace Group 7.30 pm Kenwyn Room
Tuesday 18th September
Prayer Fellowship 9.30 am Sanctuary
Sambell’s Café 10.00 am Sambell’s
Banner Group 10.00 am Kenwyn Room
Toddle Along 10.00 am Parlour/Trevail Room
Liturgical Lunchtime Prayers 12.15 pm Prayer Chapel
St Petroc’s Society AGM 2.00 pm Wesley Hall
CRASAC Meeting 4.00 pm Revolution Café
Band Practice 7.00 pm Sanctuary
Wednesday 19th September
Active Plus Session 10.00 am Trevail Room
Weight Watchers Meeting 10.00 am Wesley Hall
Service of Thanksgiving 12.00 pm Sanctuary Refreshments 1.00 pm Wesley Hall
Wednesday Prom 1.10 pm Sanctuary
Beavers 5.00 pm Trevail Room
Cubs 6.30 pm Wesley Hall/Trevail Room
Street Pastors’ AGM 7.30 pm Sambell’s
Scouts 7.30 pm Wesley Hall
Thursday 20th September
Sambell’s Café 10.00 am Sambell’s
Foodbank 10.00 am Revolution Café
The Well – morning session 10.30 am Parlour/Trevail Room
Lunch 12.30 pm Wesley Hall
The Well – afternoon session 2.00 pm Parlour/Trevail Room
Iona Group Meeting 2.00 pm Revolution Café
CRASAC Meeting 6.30 pm Revolution Café
Friday 21st September
Sambell’s Café 10.00 am Sambell’s
‘World Peace Day’ Event 3.00 pm Sanctuary
8th Rainbows 5.00 pm Trevail Room
10th Brownies 5.00 pm Wesley Hall
Choir Practice 7.30 pm Parlour
Youth Club 7.30 pm Revolution Café
Saturday 22nd September
Sambell’s Café 10.00 am Sambell’s
Drama Express Session 10.00 am Wesley Hall
‘World Peace Day’ Concert 7.00 pm Sanctuary
Sunday 23rd September
8.15am Holy Communion with Revd Mark Liddicoat
9:22am Band-led worship with Mr Andrew Johnson
11.00am Sunday Praise with Mr Andrew Johnson
6.15pm Breathing Space to mark World Peace Day