Toddle Along and Tiddlywinks:     pre-school groups

Come and have a great time as parents and carers, whilst your pre-school children have a great time too. These are not nurseries but places where you come with your children and stay with them – learning and playing with your children as they get used to socialising with others. (and parents get used to socialising too!)

TODDLE ALONG on Tuesdays.


Toddle Along meets at Truro (city-centre) on Tuesday from 10.00am. It is hugely popular. An average session includes crafts, games, ‘big play’ toys and sing-a-long music. The leaders come largely from within the group, but the Truro Circuit families Worker, Janet Tredrea is always on hand to advise and assist. Although much of the activity is not overtly Christians, the ethos of the Church (reaching out to, and supporting children and families in God’s love) is important to the group and sessions will often include some christian teaching. It is not necessary to be a member of the Church to be part of this group. Why no plan to stay at the end of the session and share refreshments including a light lunch in the Revolution Cafe?

The same is of course true of Tiddlywinks which meets at Tresillian (village site) on Friday mornings from 10.00am. Here too, there is a varied programme of crafts, stories and song led by experienced parents and children’s ministry specialists. You would be made very welcome.