Teaching and Fellowship Ministry

We are so blessed at Truro Tresillian to share in all kinds of opportunities to share and learn together. From the ‘set piece’ preaching events on a Sunday to small group fellowship meetings, to ‘taught’ Bible Studies, to discussion groups, to informal conversations over coffee (and we do seem to drink a staggering amount of coffee), we like to believe that there is something for everyone. There is so much going on that it would be impossible for everyone to do everything; so we get to choose the place and time and style that suits our own needs and feeds our souls. We’d love to welcome you in to the fellowship.

Sunday Worship (see separate section) includes a significant preaching and teaching input. At Truro Tresillian we believe that the Bible is more than just words on a page. God speaks to us through Scripture as the Holy Spirit takes the written word and makes it the Living Word of God for us. Ancient texts with contemporary and contextual significance.

Home Groups meet across the community at various times of the day, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. From time to time we encourage all the groups to consider the same material, but for the most part the Groups themselves have chosen the topic and style of study and reflection. What is most important is that through deepening Christian fellowship everyone is enabled to explore God’s Word and grow with God. There’s a place for you if this would help you on your journey.

Bible Study:

Revd Mark is rarely more excited than when leading our expository Bible Studies! Taking either a theme or a Book of the Bible, our study series last anything from 3-6 sessions, each session being about an hour. It’s become our custom to repeat the studies  (one during daytime hours and the other in the evening) so as many people as possible can share in them. Keep an eye on the ‘What’s On’ section to discover details of the next Bible School.

Tuesday Fellowship Group

The group meets on Tuesday evenings throughout the year. It is well supported and offers an interesting  programme that encourages members to reflect upon a number of aspects of life and living and the relationship of our faith to what we do. Visiting Speakers lead the meetings on all kinds of subjects.