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GOOD FOR YOU  – we are committed to promoting physical and spiritual well-being as part of our mission as a Church

GOOD FOR YOUR NEIGHBOUR – we are committed to promoting values of fairness and compassion through the use of fairly traded goods.

GOOD FOR YOUR WORLD  – we are committed to run an ethically sound project reflecting our desire to be good stewards of resources and creation

The hub of daytime activity at Truro (city centre) is Sambells,our community cafe.
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Sambells (named after the architect of the original building) is staffed entirely by volunteers and serves refreshments and light lunches. But just as important as the food and drink is the welcome that is extended. From 10.00 am each morning (Monday to Saturday) all kinds of people come to Sambells because they have discovered it to be warm, comfortable and relaxing.

Sambells is located at the front of the Church premises and so is easily accessible from the town centre. Pop in for a few minutes – or as some do, stay all morning. Every day there are a selection of light meal using (wherever possible) locally sourced and ethical produced and marketed products. There is fresh ‘home-made’ soup and bread available each day, together with a large variety of coffees and teas.

The proceeds from Sambells are shared between charities and church funds. Once a month we are delighted to invite charities and groups to have stalls in Sambells to raise their own funds.
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