Prayer Ministry

One of the most exciting aspects of life at Truro Tresillian is the way in which we are seeing prayer rediscovered in the fellowship. Most churches would probably claim that Prayer is at the heart of everything it does, but we would want to say that with increasing conviction, humbly accepting that God still has so much teach us.


We firmly believe that private and personal prayer is a vital part of growing deeper into God, but we are discovering a renewal of our corporate and group prayer ministries too.

Our regular prayer meeting is well supported (alternate Tuesdays  at 9.30 am) and have a vibrancy and life about them which is so exciting; there is a developing freedom in the way  we are beginning to pray with and for each other; and ‘prayer’ is on the spiritual radar  in more and more conversations.  
We are actively exploring ways of introducing a ‘rhythm of prayer’ into the day by day life of Church and have developed a small prayer chapel open throughout the day. If you would like someone to pray with you then please contact one of the Ministry Team. There are Prayer Pastors available during morning worship and at the close of the 9: 22 service.

Truro Tresillian has a Team of people ready to pray for you and for the concerns you carry on your heart. Just CLICK on the  ‘prayer’ image above and sent us your prayer requests. We covenant with you to keep praying, and would love to hear too how God answers those prayers.

God Bless you.