Pastoral Ministry






At Truro Tresillian we have a dedicated pastoral Ministry Team combining paid staff and a valuable volunteer network. Hannah Bose and Steve Harris are our Lead Pastors and take responsibility for the considerable task of Pastoral Administration within the Team as well as delivering pastoral care ‘on the ground’. Hannah and Steve are supported in this by our Superintendent Minister who leads the Ministry Team. There is a dedicated ‘pastoral hotline’ and email account and one member of the Pastoral Team will be available to answer the phone at all times. We are grateful to Supernumerary Methodist Ministers, Janet Knowles-Berry and Margaret Barnes who has joined the Team to share responsibility for our developing Residential Home Ministry. In addition there is a small army of volunteers who give up their own time to share their pastoral gifts in the service of the wider church.

From the earliest days of the Christian Church, it was accepted that Christians have a delightful responsibility to look out for one another and do all we can to offer support. John Wesley – and his early Methodist movement – stressed the value of small groups as a vehicle for the spiritual support and practical care of its members, and right through the the modern day, most churches hold the pastoral care of its people as one of its primary concerns and purposes.

At a Church, we are taking that principle and trying to adapt it to meet the needs and opportunities offered by our circumstances. We are one of the larger Methodist churches and so it just isn’t possible for a few people to care for the whole membership. We have tried to identify those who may not get the company they need or are more isolated because of illness or infirmity.and make certain that they have a designated Pastoral Visitor.

But we are also trying to learn to care for each other.

Community groups:

Our Pastoral Ministry programme is based upon a conviction that everyone is included regardless of how regularly a person worships with us. Our community group system sees the whole ‘catchment area’of the church divided into eight sectors moving out into the world from the church base in Truro – each with their own Pastoral Link Coordinator. The principle is to break down a huge membership into smaller units based on locality. People relate to one another simply because of where they live, and it is this that is the basis for mutual pastoral care, outreach and home and prayer groups.

The hope is that, as the new system beds down, each group will have a coordinator who will make sure that the Pastoral Team knows of any ways in which they can help. In this way a large  central community is broken down in to smaller more manageable units. As soon as a new contact is made through the Church, that person is immediately included in a group simply because of their postcode. In this way, we hope to address one of the greatest difficulties of being part of a big Church – making sure that people do not slip through the fellowship net. We also hope that the Community Groups will develop into a effective means of community cohesion and so allow people to take some of those important first steps down the discipleship road and full commitment to Jesus Christ.

If you live in the Truro area or are moving in to the community, we’d love to hear from you and maybe drop you a line. CLICK HERE to send us a message.