Our Mission & Vision

‘We are committed under Jesus Christ to creating a physical, spiritual and emotional environment that encourages ALL within the care of the Church to fulfill their God-given potential.” [from TMC vision statement]

‘Truro with Tresillian’ is one church serving two very different communities. Truro is a City-centre church based in a large, outwardly traditional Methodist building whilst Tresillian is a wonderful example of village Methodism. Both congregations have renewed their building in response to a renewed sense of mission and purpose.

The union between two previous separate congregations is still a relatively recent one, and we are learning to value the gifts and graces we share, and the opportunities that our shared ministry brings.Together, we seek to offer the welcoming, forgiving and empowering love of Jesus Christ to all we encounter.

The impetus for our outreach and service flows from our own experience of God’s love encountered in Jesus and expressed too in the fellowship we share. Underpinning all that we do is our programme of worship, study and prayer by which we find the inspiration and energy to work with God in Kingdom building.

 As our experience of God deepens, so we are discovering new ways of working with God.

We cannot hope to tell you everything on the website, but we hope that as you explore, you will discover a little of what is going on.
Every blessing.