Do this to remember me…..”

[Jesus – the night before he was crucified]

“There is for me a profoundly moving moment that comes as  I am about to place bread into the empty hands of a sister or a brother. Everyone’s hands are different – I notice that. Everyone’s experiences are different too – and I often know something of those experiences as well. This is, for me, the supreme moment of pastoral ministry.” [Mark Dunn-Wilson, Minister]

The celebration of Holy Communion is one of the most significant parts of worship for many Christians, but it is also one aspect of worship  on which different traditions have differing views and practice.

Who is welcome?

It is our practice at Truro Tresillian to welcome people to the Lord’s Table in response to His invitation. It is not necessary to be a member of the Methodist Church, it is not necessary to be over a minimum age, it is not necessary to have passed a whole series of tests  – all are welcome. If you truly want to be at His Table, the Lord delights to welcome you there.

Many people find themselves brought really close to the Lord in these moments, and for some, it has been as they have knelt to receive bread and wine, that they have made their commitment to God through Jesus Christ for the very first time.

We do not ask that you have all the answers or every box ticked on the discipleship journey. We simply ask that you come to the Lord’s Table with an attitude of respect for God and for other worshippers; to be at peace with others as far as it is within your powers; and  ready to remember and thank God for all he has done for us in Jesus Christ. We pray that together we will encounter the Lord in a real and transforming way.

Practical bits

In our Church we will ALWAYS use non-alcoholic wine. We want to create a safe space for ALL to receive Holy Communion.

If when you come to the Table you keep your hands face down, then we will know you would prefer to receive a gluten free wafer (rather than bread).

If you keep your hands by your sides, then we will know that you would prefer not to receive bread and wine. We would be thrilled to pray God’s blessing over you.