How Do I Meet People?

Truro Tresillian Church is a vibrant community of God’s people where everyone is encouraged to find their place. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy mum, or a businessman with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of the family here – and there are so many ways to do it! And we are so much more than Sunday!

Small Groups

Often, small groups of people are better able to interact, learn and support one another than are larger groups . For that reason, we are still developing a network of Hub Groups across the whole Church community. Some of those groups are well established and have met together for years; others are new and still others do not yet exist! There will be a group somewhere close to you…and if there isn’t….we will start one!

Children’s Ministry


In 2016 we are reshaping our Children’s Ministry programme for a new season. The Sunday focus for this work will be part of nine; twenty-two which will provide the opportunity for primary school-aged children to experience worship alongside the adults (including prayer and ministry) whilst also giving space for youngsters to learn in their own way.
‘Tiny Steps’ is the discipleship programme for our youngest members (0-4) and again takes place alongside ‘nine; twenty-two’ on a Sunday morning. We are growing a ‘Tiny Steps’ programme that does more than simple entertain the toddlers; we want them to grow in faith from the very first weeks of life and will help them encounter god in an age-appropriate way.
There is children’s provision at our 11.00am service too.
Perhaps you feel called to this work? If you do, then speak to one of the Ministry Team and we can explore this further with you.
Youth Ministry
We are committed to developing the faith of our secondary school and college young people, and encouraging leadership skills too. We are delighted that the Truro Circuit has appointed Dr Andy Dye to serve as Youth Enabler starting in January 2016 and he will be part of an ecumenical team of youthworkers starting a new project, Truro YouthWorks, which seeks to establish faith communities of young people. These will be focussed around interest group and seeks to avoid becoming too rooted in any one denomination, fellowship or building. If you have a flair for work with young people, then we’d be pleased to talk with you about how you can get involved.
Fellowship Groups

Truro Tresillian Church sustains.a number of groups for men and women. They offer a varied programme for a variety of ages and interests. These groups tend to meet in the evenings and are generally well supported. There are daytime craft groups, social groups, a weekly lunch club; there really is something for everyone. Just decide what you want to be part of and you will be made very welcome.

Ministry of Sport

Sport is a wonderful way to draw people together in a non-aggressive (usually) way! ‘Ministry of Sport’ organises all kinds of events and activities to develop fellowship within the Church family and to draw folk closer to it. There’s much more about this, elsewhere on the site.

Book Club

If reading is your thing, then why not ask about our book Club? Meeting roughly once a quarter, its another opportunity to get to know folk in an informal setting and read some books that maybe you would never have read!
Worship Leaders playing an important role.

There was a time when every service in a Methodist Church would have been led by one individual, from the front – and that person would have been either an ordained Minister or ‘Accredited Local Preacher’.

Many acts of worship are still led by Ministers and Local Preachers but the responsibility and delight of leading people in worship is spreading. God has used a ‘shortfall’ in those coming forward to train as preachers to grow a new ministry within our churches. Local Worship Leaders (or Worship Teams) have been trained and developed and are bringing a wonderful diversity and originality to our worship. In our Church setting, Worship Leaders are not necessarily the one who hold a guitar or tell us when to stand and sit as we sing; no. For us worship Leaders use all kinds of methods and gifts, styles and skills to bring us into an encounter with God.

Services led by Worship Teams will not normally include a ‘sermon’ in the usual sense, but will help us explore the meaning of Scripture and its relationship to our lives through all kinds of media. What began life as a ‘mechanism of coping’ here, has become a a channel through which God is releasing gifts in all kinds of people and blessing the Church.

God is doing a new thing, its seems – and slowly we are catching up with what he wants us to be doing.

Then there’s Messy Church and

Sambells Cafe  and Senior choir and Uniformed Organisations for children and ‘Hot Potato‘, and ‘Pub and Papers‘ and ‘The Well’ and Bible Studies and of course the good old fashioned way of sharing in worship and hanging around for coffee afterwards! So many ways to get to know people and so many people to get to know. If you want to become part of the family, we promise that we will try to meet you more than half-way!