So what is ‘a Methodist Church’?

In the kaleidoscope of denominations, traditions and titles that make up the Christian Church in the UK, it is sometimes difficult to grasp what is distinctive about any particular grouping.

Let’s get something straight right at the outset: Christians in this country agree with each other far more than we disagree. Some would argue that ‘denominational titles’ are less significant today than at any time in the last 400 years, and that they often reflect preferences in Church organisation and style as much as they do diversity of belief. When looking to become part of a Church family, many people look first for how a  Church can meet their needs and those of the family, and only then at the name above the door!

That said, with the passage of time, Churches develop emphases and priorities that reflect the way in which God has spoken to them and through them; those emphases probably go some way to expressing the journey we share with God and each other.

Truro Tresillian Church is part of the ‘Methodist Connexion’, a national body grouping and guiding the Methodist Church in Great Britain together.

Follow the links on this page to discover something about the place of the Methodist Church within the whole people of God.

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