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Call to Worship

Our 10 minute mini worship. Click below or phone 01872 308747

9:22 band led worship will be streamed from the manse, with Mark as our Preacher. The Band will lead our sung worship from a socially distanced TMC.

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Our traditional Methodist service brought to you live from Mark's shed.  Live streamed via Facebook and Youtube.


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Truro Methodist Church is located right in the city centre and so has unique opportunities for Ministry to the commercial, business and retail sectors of the city. Although Truro is a small city, it still experiences the challenges and opportunities associated with city life and living; challenges and opportunities which mean we are able to share in outreach ministry right from our own premises. This includes hosting Truro Foodbank and Truro Street Pastors each week, and also running our own community café – Sambells – from the front of the Church. Each morning (Monday to Saturday), all kinds of people come to Sambells because they have discovered it to be warm, comfortable and relaxing, offering a friendly welcome to all and serving good food and drink which is fairly-traded, locally-sourced and ethically-produced, wherever possible. Truro Methodist Church is part of the Methodist Connexional City-Centre Network.

Hosted in the Sanctuary at TMC, ‘At the Table’ will offer a reflective worship experience—in a covidsecure setting—creating space and time to encounter God. Our plan is to meet ‘At the Table’ each Wednesday, alternating between day time and evening. Click to reserve your seat.


Sunday Praise

At the Table


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