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Week beginning Monday 27th May 2020 


Welcome to Week 10 of our resources.  


How is life at home going? Is everything calm and peaceful or are tempers getting a little bit frayed after the 9th week of no nursery, pre-school or school?


If that’s the case rest assured you are not alone.   Meet up with our friend Douglas again.


I have the great privilege of forging pastoral and friendship links with many families in and around Truro, through our TMC group, ToddleAlong, for preschool children and their carers, as well as Messy Church for families and frequent assembly visits to local primary schools. 
My heart is in raising awareness of the content and stories of the Bible through activities, fun and worship.

Introducing Janet Tredrea

Family Worker

Truro (with Tresillian) Methodist Church

Give your children a scenario where they have a problem, and see how they could use cotton words or sandpaper words to try to fix it. Which would be most helpful?


Place the cup in a prominent location, and every time your children use cotton ball words, let them put a cotton ball or two in the cup. When it fills up, have a "Cotton ball Words Party" to celebrate using kind words! For your party, simply take turns pouring cotton balls on each other, saying kind words, and playing with the cotton!

Sometimes we all need help learning to use kind words with our friends and families.

Does the way we speak to each other help? Or hurt?

Now try the kind words activity.  All you will need are some cotton wool balls and a piece of sandpaper.


Find a small pile of cotton balls. Let your children touch them, squish them, and rub them on their arm. Ask your children how the cotton balls feel. Use descriptive words like soft, fluffy, and light. If words were cotton balls, how would it feel to have them bouncing on your arm? Fill a cup up with cotton balls and pour it out on each child's arm. Have your children tell you words that are like cotton balls  (for example: please, thank-you, a compliment, may I help you?, you have done a good job etc etc)

Find a piece of course sandpaper for each child to touch. As they touch it, ask them how the

sandpaper feels. Use descriptive words like rough, poky, or sharp. If words were sandpaper, how

would it feel to have them rubbing on your arm? ( Don’t really do it because it would hurt!)

Have your children tell you words that are like sandpaper (eg: mean words, a mean voice, calling

names, unnecessary criticism, etc). Show your children how sandpaper can scratch something like

a scrap of wood or a piece of plastic. Tell them sandpaper words "scratch" our feelings. It hurts

when people talk to us in a mean voice or say mean things.

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