The Bible in a Year?

Why not take up the challenge to read all or some of the Bible as part of our ‘Year of Discipleship’?


Here are three schemes.

The first will help you read the whole Bible in 12 months

whole bible in a year

The second will help you read the New Testament in 12 months.


Both these schemes are designed to have to reading 5 times a week and can be downloaded via the links above
Our third scheme is based upon a Bible Society booklet and offers a ‘Bible Highlights package‘.
A personal booklet introduces you to 12 books of the Bible (6 from the Old Testament and 6 from the New).,and gives you a summary of the Book, as well as hints for what to look out for as you read
. There is even some room for your own notes – and some ‘doodle’ space.
If you want to, you can read the whole book across a month, but we encourage you to focus on the section ‘Short on time’ which points you towards key passages. Take your time and read a
 short passage each day – as much or as little as you like – an
d see if you can have covered all the suggested chapters before month end.
Please help yourself to the ‘Books of the Bible’ booklet from the ‘Welcome Desk’ at TMC.
Alternatively, you can order your copy