Churches Together in Truro – building the Kingdom in partnership

Partnership has become the key principle in serving God in Truro. Over the past few years it has been a delight to see Churches Together in Truro transformed from a body of Christians who predominantly talked together, to become a group of Christians focussed on ‘doing’ together. We are committed to praying and supporting one another in the work of God, even if – for one reason or another – we do not feel able to practically join in a particular project or work. This changed mind-set has been fundamental in the development of CCT, as more and more traditions and denominations have joined the partnership.

There are ministries that CTT continues in its own right, but primarily we act as an umbrella sponsoring organisation for projects and missions carried out by Christians and Churches.

Our executive meetings will consider reports on the Truro Schools Team (active in local secondary schools through assemblies and Christian unions); Agricultural Chaplaincy; Street Pastors; Food Bank; the Prayer tent on the Piazza  Healing on the Streets…and so much more.

We have a burden to see the city of Truro and its surrounding areas transformed by Christ and we are amazed at some of the things we see him doing.

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